New York cooming soon... Opening the Doors to the Profound Spaces of the Heart & Mind through Movement

 A one-day workshop with Peter Deno 
Deeper within ourselves exist profound spaces where all differences disappear, where there is peace and unity. The focus of this workshop is help us reach those inspiring spaces, to make contact with the best aspirations of the human being, to connect with the Sacred dimension.
We will experience a progressive journey inwards, using psycho-physical exercises, spontaneous movement and guided experiences. At times with music, at times in silence, working individually and as a group.
Listening to our bodies we can experience a new way of perceiving ourselves and relating to others and feeling connected with the whole. It will be a day of exploration and discovery, returning to daily life with new tools.
This workshop is designed for people of all ages and backgrounds and does not require any special training or preparation. The comprehensions will depend on the willingness to be open to new experiences within a group environment.
Wear loose clothing. 

What people have said about the workshop: 
“As we progressed I moved inward and made contact with a part of myself I seldom realize is there. From this interior space I let go of my inhibitions and communicated what my body had long sought to express."
“For the first time I felt reconciled with my body and felt the internal beauty of the human being”
“I felt a deep trust in myself and in others which was totally new to me.”
“The relationship between the Sacred and the body became clear to me, not as an idea, but as an experience.”

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